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La Petite Academy, is one of the largest corporate child care centers in America. One of the worst schools to work for.

They are only out to collect the fees for the children. The curriculum sucks, Without the materials to prepare for the lessons in the curriculum how can the children learn. La Petite of Miramar, FL. Administration is very unprofessional.

The staff if unprofessional and uneducated. Its more like a baby sitting service rather than a School that's suppose to provide such a very high standard education. The staff are not educated to teach. How can you teach a child what you have not learned?

Ashame. If your planning to send your child to one of these schools have them check the certification of the teachers. IF you are employed by this company and your race is anything other than African American this might be the place for you to work, All African American teachers will not advance to no other position other than an Assistant in Management. Not understanding how the Director of this facility got her position.

SHe can even understand half the words being spoken to her in English. Being a Center Director has more responsibility than just sitting behind a desk telling others what to do and screaming at parents.

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It seems that all la petites treat their employees bad. They show favoritism to certain employees.

They can walk out and still have a job. Director lies, it's awful


:eek I am interviewing with them recently. Is is really that bad?

They still haven't told me the sallerey clear yet though,cos I still waiting for my teaching license.. Is it a huge difference between with and without a license??

to Alicia #654016

You're getting certified to TEACH? That worries me greatly after reading that.

Basic grammar and spelling 101... Wow.


I am a parent of a La Petite student. I landed on this page looking for information about another issue.

The concerns expressed by the OP must be regional or they're entirely false. Both directors of my son's school are african american. The assistant director is african american. In management at my son's school, only women of color are in charge.

Please do not take the OP's post as the gospel. It's obvious she doesn't have enough information to make this claim.


din't. Nice.


Disser, I'm taking in consideration to send my 8-month son at la Petite Academy in Miami (the one at 10920 SW 184th St). Do you know anything about the reputation of this one?

There is no way that I will let my son being grown up in an unprofessional and discriminatory environment. I din't come to this country for seeing all my life time principles be destroyed Thank you.

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