Where do I begin.....I as a parent am not pleased at all with the Director or Assistant Director. They both are rude to the staff heard asst tell a teacher as I was walking through my childs room say "I dont know what to tell ya" as the teacher was trying to explain something to her about a child!!!

The director is always on her cell phone in a class room and I have came to pick my child up during nap and the Director and the Asst is sitting in a classroom eating fast food while a child is on her cot crying so hard she is gagging!! Im too the point where Im calling DHS because nothing is ever done about it!! That academy (caravel yukon) has the worst managment team it has ever had and we all know its had alot!!! Their main concern is not the children!!

I have walked in and heard the Asst yelling at a child way across the room and everytime i see her in a classroom she is standing with her arms crossed like she is pissed because she is there!! That place is a joke but I do have to say the teachers are great but they are way over worked! I get there about 7 to 715 and pick up about 5 alittle after and those same teachers are still there while managment is up in the office on their cell phones just laughing having a good time!!! DHS will be called and there will be something done about this!!

One more thing I have seen is managment sits in the office with two sometimes three kids just staring at each other....what kind of learning experience is that?

I have asked why those children are up there and their answer is all the classrooms are full!! I would not ever recommend this center or a La Petite to anyone!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Petite Academy Director.

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Must be a nationwide La petite problem. From what I've experianced La Petite treats their staff like *** and the kids the same way


I am so shocked to see this review. My kids have been to 3 La Petite's in the past 10 years as we move frequently.

I have only had one issue at this particular center, and they were handled to my satisfaction.

The director is always present and is a friendly person to deal with, and I find her and her team to be very personable and professional. I feel like she really cares about me and my family.

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