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My daughter was neglected for over 6 months time, dirty soiled clothes with urin were left in bin for 2 weeks, while she wasn't staying at the center, confirming my prior suspicions that she was being neglected.

My daughter always pleaded with me to not leave her at the center but the assistant director insisted that my daughter had difficulty adjusting because she was attending infrequently. When I had her stay at the center more frequently, about 2 -3 days a week continuously for a bout 3 months during the summer of 2015, she still did not like it. At this point, I decided to transition her to a different Pre K school setting and she did not attend La Petite for about 2 weeks. It finally became clear what was wrong when I discovered the urin soiled clothes in her bin when I took her back after 10 days of absence. I could actually smell urin in the vicinity of the bins before I approached the bin. Why hadn't the caregivers at the center noticed it. I had no idea the smell was actually from my child's bin and what awaited me till I started going through her things and found a walmart shopping bag with the pungent ammonia smell coming from it. Tt was my daughter's clothes which had not been given to us when we picked her up 10 days earlier. They were never laundered by caregivers at the center even though they had assured us that they did launder the childrens' bedding every week and clothes when necessary. It suddenly dawned on me. My 4 year old previously telling me that she often wandered around aimlessly and wasn't being minded by the caregivers at the La Petite Dumfries center were true. That was why we would pick her up from the center sometimes and she would be soaking wet and smelly and sad and the care givers would always say it must just have happened because they did not notice any of it earlier.

To add insult to injury, after agreeing to refund my daughter unused tuition, even though she claimed it wasn't refundable under normal circumstances, she still withheld a week's worth of tuition plus another partial days worth of tuition with the excuse that she couldn't refund partial passes when that's what she did anyway to benefit her self/ the learning care group. My daughter was neglected for months at the L a Petite Dumfries Center while I paid for it. The district/regional directors are now trying to cheat me out of a week's worth of Pre paid tuition, claiming it was partially used even though they had also withheld $37 which is sufficient to cover the 4 hours that they are basing their claims on. I refuse to give up on getting the appropriate refund back and so I am still fighting for it.

Finally this is a caution to anyone who wants to sent you child to La Petite Dumfries, this was my real experience in 2015. Listen to your children. If they cling to you and don't want to stay when you drop them off run away with them and hold them tight.

This reviewer shared experience about "bad quality and inaccurate refund." and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $282. Akorang333 is overall dissatisfied with La Petite Academy. The most disappointing about la petite academy child care program at La Petite Academy was disregard for parents concern, child neglect and managemant was very unfair Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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