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Facility is dirty and staff is extremely rude to parents and children. Especially Jennifer in the infant room.

I ask questions because I am concerned with the well being of my son. Apparently if you ask too many questions they stop communicating with you completely. They did not know what to do when my child would not eat the food we sent him with for lunch. After unsuccessfully trying to contact my wife they decided not to call me at all!

So they were concerned with his well being and instead of calling a parent they did not want to deal with it! They lost a bottle that had breast milk in it then two days later my son was sent home drinking from that bottle. Their policy is that they do not wash bottles so they gave him a possibly contaminated bottle to drink from. It also was not labeled with the child's name or what it contained.

For weeks our child was coming back with empty food containers. After asking the staff if he was eating all of his food they could not answer if he was or was not. They were throwing away food specifically prepared and packed for him. I told them to send food home if he was not eating all of it and after that they decided to serve them their own food against our wishes and doctors instructions and send home all of the food we prepared.

The infants appear to be "controlled" by placing them in a high chair or in a crib. Every day we pick up our son there are children in the high chair with no food/drink and children standing in their cribs crying to get out. The online system they use to track what happens throughout the day is great ... when they use it.

The routinely "forget" to update what my son has eaten or if he has been drinking milk or not. One day they did not log any milk through out the day. When we picked him up it looks like he had been drinking milk but they did not update their tracking system all day. This happens multiple times a week.

They have to fix the weekly tuition amount every single week. For some reason they cannot program their invoice system to have the correct amount show up every week. We were using the La Petite 5718 Eckhert Rd for the first couple of months and they were great.

The Marbach facility needs a complete change of staff. They are lazy and extremely unpleasant to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Petite Academy Child Care Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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